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The Best Wood for Outdoor Furniture: Gardens & Patios

The Best Wood for Outdoor Furniture: Gardens & Patios

What types of wood work well outside in the UK's wet and chilly weather? What is the toughest stuff for outdoor furniture that can handle rain and cold? What kind of wood do people in the UK use for patio and garden sets? What lasts the longest for outdoor furniture in Britain?

These are good questions to think about when buying seats, tables, and other pieces for your garden or backyard in the United Kingdom. The damp and cool conditions can make outdoor wood furniture crack or rot over time if it's not the right type of wood. This article will explore some of the best woods that can put up with the UK's unique weather without getting ruined. We'll talk about classics like teak wood as well as woods from trees that grow in Britain.

Teak: The Tough Outdoor Wood

Teak has been one of the best woods for outdoor furniture for a very long time. This super dense and hard wood contains natural oils that make it good at resisting water, rotting, bugs, and any bad weather.

Teak's tight grain pattern allows it to easily handle the UK's cold, wet climate without problems. When you take good care of the teak, it can last over 50 years outside without falling apart! The wood starts golden brown but turns into a nice silver color over time if you leave it alone. You can also use teak oil to keep the original color.

Although teak costs more money upfront, it's worth it because it lasts so long with little maintenance needed. The dense teak wood is also very strong, making it perfect for heavy benches and tables that could sag over time.

Oak: A Classic British Hardwood

Oak trees grow all over the UK, so oak wood is a fitting choice for British outdoor furniture with its natural rustic beauty and strength. Both English oak and European oak species can resist moisture, rot, and bugs fairly well when properly sealed.

While not quite as weatherproof as teak, oak's dense structure allows it to withstand the UK's cool, wet climate reasonably well if you apply wood oil or preservatives once a year. This helps the oak resist water damage and pests.

One perk of oak is that it's easy to find in the UK and has that classic look that fits nicely in English gardens. The bold grains also give outdoor oak pieces a lovely texture.

Pine: An Affordable Softwood Option

If you're on a tighter budget, European pine is a cheap softwood that can work for occasional outdoor use in the UK with some basic care. While not as naturally strong as hardwoods, pine's light density allows special preservative treatments to soak in deep. This helps extend the pine's life outdoors.

Different wood treatments can help pine resist water, fungus, sun damage, and insects. With the right finishes and re-treatments every so often, basic pine furniture can last 5-10 years or more outside in Britain before needing to be replaced.

Kiln-dried pine with stains and sealants works best for covered patio pieces mostly out of the weather. Over time, pine also naturally turns into a nice silvery-gray color when left outdoors.

Cedar: A Budget Wood That's Easy to Care For

Western Red Cedar is an affordable yet surprisingly hardy softwood to use outdoors in the UK's damp, chilly climate. The wood contains natural preservatives that help it resist moisture damage, bugs, and decay without much extra treatment.

Cedar's low upkeep lets it age into a distinct silvery color when left out in the rain or shine. Or you can apply a basic cedar preserver every few years if you prefer the original warm reddish-brown shades.

While not as dense as hardwoods, cedar is stiff enough for basic outdoor chairs and decorations that don't need to hold a lot of weight. It's a great budget option for those who want an easy, classic look.


When choosing wood for your UK garden furniture, considering the area's moderate yet rainy climate is important for long-lasting pieces. Ultra-dense and water-resistant teak can't be beaten for durability, while oak gives you a domestic hardwood with natural aged charm.

For cheaper softwood options, pine protected with preservatives and cedar can surprisingly stand up well to Britain's cool, wet weather with some basic sealing and maintenance. Deciding which wood depends on the look you want, how you'll use the furniture, and how much upkeep you're willing to do.

No matter which wood you prefer, be sure to properly treat and seal outdoor pieces as recommended. With the right protection, your furniture can brave unpredictable British weather for years while staying beautiful. Take time to check out different wood grains, tones, and designs to create an inviting outdoor space you'll enjoy for seasons to come.

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